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Product Serial:MS1460CH-ME
Product Description
MIKE ESTATOF is a French drummer from Space Call and Steeve Estatof. He started being interested in music very early and this makes him go to an academy in his birthplace, Grenoble (Southern Est of France) before making his first band with his two brothers Steeve and Cliff.

In 1996, when he was sixteen years old he began his professional career with Steeve, his elder brother who won thereafter the contest «Nouvelle Star» (French equivalent of American Idol). In 2004, it drove Mike to turn in his career, because he will accompagny the singer in European tour in front of nearly 20.000 spectators per concerts, also on TV shows and radios.

In 2005, Mike integrates a metal band «Space Call» directed by her brother Cliff who is also a singer. Their first album «SuperStar» was released in 2008, and it was a dedication for Mike and his assistant because it was awarded on several occasions.

Thanks to this exemplary career which doesn’t cease him improving himself and he becomes the first drummer to be endorsed by Ming Drum . We chose the drum which he used for his third album and the seond opus of Space Call to make the first signature snare drums for him. 


Size 14" x6"
Shell Carbon Fiber combined Kevlar
Hoops 2.3 mm Carbon Fiber combined Kevlar Hoops
Lugs CTL Lugs
Finish 3K Carbon combined Kevlar Slant Woven