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The Perfect Collocation

Using Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass and Kevlar drum shells as material, Ming extracts those advantages and characteristics from the past experience, combines with inspiration and creativeness, then we developped this complex series. Serve as a link between the past experience and the future concept, whatever in the tone and appearance, Complex series freely applies every collocation to a perfect combination. In visual, the accessories Complex Series uses hoop, lug and even screw express an associative perception, with bi-color drum shell, and the appearance of striped, geometric and woven etc., you will be amazed in the first glance at COMPLEX.

In hearing, the multiple mixing of material makes the tone fit in varied kind of music and it's characteristic. In COMPLEX Series, you can find a perfect collocation. As the bright tone of Carbon Fiber, multiple dyeing technique of Fiberglass and the tough character of Kevlar, COMPLEX Series has fearlessly mix the material as much as the possible to make a/an composite/alternative drum could be. COMPLEX challenges your opinion of drum and we will start a revolution to modern drum making.