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With lots of experience in drum production and in R&D capabilities, Ming Drum has engaged in the processing of drum accessories since 1990, and in 2000 we started manufacturing and supplying drums set. After continuous research, development and testing, Ming Drum successfully applied the high plasticity, strength, density, and lightweight carbon fiber composite material to the drum production.

After we overcame the weight problem which was a structural factor, we’ve improved and taken out a patent on our drums; the uniqueness of MING DRUM is demonstrated. In 2007, the Ming Carbon Fiber Composite Drum officially entered the drums market and start providing a wide range of drums for different genders, ages and groups to choose from. Our products include Carbon fiber composite Drum sets, snare drums, marching drums and boutique accessories. 

  1. By the process of mechanical winding and molding, the solid and tight drum shell is produced and combined with the high-density fiber material feature, so it creates high-density resonance and produce the perfect sound.

  2. Resistant to heat and cold, the drum is not easy to be affected by the weather, humidity or water content, and the metal accessories are less subject to rust and to be oxidative.

  3. Measuring 1.6m/m in thickness, the drum features high strength and low weight properties, which reduces the burden on the back, lightens the load and makes it more convenient to carry.

  4. The product is covered in selected hand-woven fiber cloth, which creates a streamlined sense of modernity and superiority.

  5. The unique design and molding bring out the best in the fibers and woven cloth and at the same time maximizes its functions.

  6. Mings' products, in addition to their lightweight, product strength, and dazzling appearance, also emphasize on sound quality. A variety of products intended for different genders and age groups are under planning to allow users to indulge their drum playing pleasure.